Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pietà Cast

"If the saints deserved dulia or 'veneration,' Mary must deserve hyperdulia or 'supreme veneration.'"
~ Paul L. Williams

This is a cast painting of the Pietà. I'm pretty sure its not like the Michelangelo one, as the veil Mary is wearing looks different.

Male Nude

"Know the masculine, keep to the feminine."
Lao Tzu

This is a male nude done with a 25 minute pose. I love the mood of this drawing... There is also a great spontaneity in the drawing itself.

Self Portrait, Full

"Adults are obsolete children."
Dr. Seuss
This is a large drawing in oil pastels, almost life size. I like how the hair looks like I just woke up.

Everyone comments about the background in this one. How whimsical and fun it is and how serious I look in the forground. My goal was to try and juxtapose how I draw now with what my drawings looked like when I was 8. So I guess I was fairly sucessful.

Self Portrait

"Art must take reality by surprise."
~ Francoise Sagan

Here is another self portrait I painted. This painting actually shows a lot of the process to that painting. Looking at the shadows, you can see the burnt umber under painting coming through. In the shirt and neck you can see the black and white dead painting.