Monday, December 7, 2015

Classwork - Figure Drawing - Comparative Anatomy

Luther and Karen - 11/30/15 - 3'x5', Conte on Paper
Figure Drawing class and working big again (36"x 48"). The overall goal was to compare the anatomy between both sexes. The class was two long poses. The first with Luca, and then the afternoon with Karen.

I wish I took a photo with just the Luca pose in there. My goal was to get the whole figure in the page. I covered up a great right hand with the second pose.

I am pretty happy with this drawing. However the lament is that to get this drawing finished will take a few more hours of work. There is a great feeling of space between the two models. Used a chamois to smudge the earlier drawing of Luca to the background.

Things to fix when I get some time to work on this:

  • I think the room perspective is a little steep.
  • The highlight on Luca's stomach is popping to the foreground.
  • A little more dark shades in the figure of Luca. The chamois took away a little too much of the darks in places.
  • General focus on background forms paying close attention to straightening the lines and even out the dark to light transitions.