Saturday, April 28, 2012

Winward Community College Drawing Class 4/27/12

So miraculously had the morning off today. I decided to spend it drawing at the WCC figure class. Here are my drawings from the day. Pose 1-3 are 25 min poses in oil pastel. Pose 4 was a little longer about 45 min also in oil pastel. There are 5 gesture drawings too, each of them was 3 min poses.

The model had one of those hipster bowl cuts. So there is that.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Arm Chair Adventurer

I'm sure my Hawaii friends know this guy, it Glen the owner of the Arm Chair Adventure in Kalihi. This is part of my collection of random portraits.
I thought Glen would be a great subject mainly because of the background. Anyone who enters the Arm Chair Adventurer will be immediately struck with the store's is floor to ceiling with games, dice, models, and books. Glen has a passion for most things dorky.
As a note, I know I made him look a little younger then Glen is. I think its mostly the hair.

Student 3

So this painting is of one of the students I work with. He was working on a puzzle and he took this rather unusual pose. I really like this painting a lot.

Student 2

This is the student I work most of the time with. He is listening to his Ipad. In this picture he  has some pounding dance song on and is swaying back and forth. 
Watching him dance I'm reminded of the old piece of advice to 'Dance like no one is watching.' When He dances his whole body sways and he just seems so into the music. Watching him do that you cannot help but smile.