Friday, December 25, 2015

Dana and Jacob - Painting Day 1

So added Amber Shellac and then dove in to the painting. I'm loving how the paint is resolving the background and creating a space.

Jacob is looking flat I need to go to a richer Brown in his flesh tones.

The window is looking crooked.

I need to do a study of boots and the side of a bed.

I am debating leaving Dana unpainted. Is it too much of a gimmick? Is this an action just based on the fear of not tucking this painting up?

I like the idea of a figure separated visual from its sorroundings. The space is intimate but the figure is disjointed and apart from everything. I will have to sleep on this.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Classwork - Figure Drawing - Dana and Jacob - Day 2

Second day on the is drawing.

The boots are Dana's. I asked her to throw them in front of her so I could draw them.  The work in that corner.

I am eager to paint on this.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Classwork - Figure Drawing - Dana and Jacob - Day 1

Class work for figure drawing. This is large. We have one more day on this assignment.

The models are Dana and Jacob. This is the first time I had Dana as a model she is fun to draw.

There is one more day to this pose. So there is more work I can do.

Goodstuff/ Badstuff

-I like the composition and the poses. The is a mood to the drawing that is looking and feeling very nice.
-Dana's portrait is looking great. Jacob is working. As he's background there is reason for the lack of focus or rendering.

Badstuff or things to fix tomorrow.
Need to define space in the forground.
Background? Either even the tone or make some space choices.
Probably need to work on jacob.

So Vincent Desidario has a work method where you shellac the page after working on it with charcoal. The it acts as a semi closed ground for painting. The charcoal remains as a ground/under painting. I think I will go back into all the large drawings with this method. I am kind of eager to see what comes of this. I'm looking forward to playing with the drawing and painting interplay. While tomorrow I'm going to draw. I think all of the large scale drawings I did are going to benefit from the process.