Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tamie Beldue Master Class

This was the first drawing I did for the Tamie Beldue Master Class at the New York Academy of Art. Master Classes are when professional artists come by and teach a weekend workshop and it is a fine way for art students to gain a different perspective. I try to take advantage of the special classes when they are offered.

I started this drawing with charcoal powder and then worked out the elements in vine charcoal, an easy, flexible medium to work with. This drawing took about and hour and a half and is in the process of transition. The drawing is losing its linear elements in favor of more shape. Beldue made sure to make the process a challenge by adding the ever-changing robe to the model setup.

The overall thing I learned was how Beldue approaches drawing and technically how she gets a "complete" feeling to her drawings. Her process inspired and energized me to complete my own project that has been on hold for awhile.