Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day Three, Drawing III

This charcoal drawing is Day Three from my New York Academy of Art drawing class with Michael Grimaldi. 

Good drawings take a long time and this one is finally coming along nicely. I think I have the arm worked out after trying all day to get the proportions correct. I did not take photos of this drawing until today because I was not confident that it would turn out right.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tamie Beldue Master Class

This was the first drawing I did for the Tamie Beldue Master Class at the New York Academy of Art. Master Classes are when professional artists come by and teach a weekend workshop and it is a fine way for art students to gain a different perspective. I try to take advantage of the special classes when they are offered.

I started this drawing with charcoal powder and then worked out the elements in vine charcoal, an easy, flexible medium to work with. This drawing took about and hour and a half and is in the process of transition. The drawing is losing its linear elements in favor of more shape. Beldue made sure to make the process a challenge by adding the ever-changing robe to the model setup.

The overall thing I learned was how Beldue approaches drawing and technically how she gets a "complete" feeling to her drawings. Her process inspired and energized me to complete my own project that has been on hold for awhile.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

LCC Sun Drawing 07/16/16 - Jay

Jay 07/16/16 - Pose 01, 9"x 12", Watercolor on Paper
Heading from New York to Honolulu, I wanted to do more watercolor work. I was in a watercolor fit, working with my two favorite complementary color mixes -- purple and yellow. The dioxazine purple's exceptional depth creates pretty shadows and darkens the Naples opaque yellow in a nice way.

I was trying to make the contours work, making a strong silouhette. I made pools on the page which gives the edges a strong quality where the pigment collects. I was trying to use it carefully where it explains the form and lightens in the center.
Jay 07/16/16 - Pose 02, 9"x12", Watercolor on Paper

Monday, June 27, 2016

Uncle He-Man

I was with my Uncle Rick at an Oddfellows meeting and when I looked at him it occurred to me that I see the family resemblance, which I had never noticed before. I always considered my Uncle Rick the superhero of the family. In fact, when I was a kid I used to call him "Uncle He-Man" after my Masters of the Universe toy.

I sketched this with my new Japanese adjustable red-black ink pen. I use the red for the underdrawing to get the forms down and blocking out the shapes. The red also gives the reflected light in the shadows a warm glow.  It took me about 30 minutes to finish this sketch.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

American Museum of Natural History - Styracosaurus

I'm having so much fun doing these.

Having flashbacks of Smithsonian collection dinosaur models that I would feverishly horde.

The blue background is painted with an Azurite watercolor. There is a slight patterning to the surface that is fascinating me. Although its actually pretty mild.

This fossil within a foam or plaster mold. You can see it here at the museums official site.  So it made me wonder how to resolve the surrounding areas of the painting.

I like what I did although it leads me so question the white boarders of the page.  I actually am thinking of really defining the boarders so they look like a comic boarder.  Its a debating I'm activating thinking about currently.   I may have to try and experiment or two.