Saturday, February 4, 2017

Master Class - Lou Marinaro - Day 1

30" Plasticine Sculpture
On of the best master Classes I attended last year was from Lou Marinaro. His knowledge and understanding of Anatomy is infectious and he explains thing so well.  This year there was an opportunity to not only take the class again, but to severe as a TA and I jumped at the opportunity.

The class toggled between sculpture and systematic talking about muscle groups of the body. Lou divided the body like something out of Butcher Shop 101, talking about individual sections and the muscle skeletal interaction that define that location.

This is what the scuplture looked like after the end of Day 1:

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Anatomical Drawing - Long Pose Day 2

Anatomical Drawing 1 - Reign and  , 18"x24", Graphite on Paper, 2017
Anatomic drawing with Dan Thompson-- this is Day 3 of class and the second day of this long pose.

Dan structure his class with a lecture then a demo and then a long pose for the rest of the class.

The drawing is progressing nicely. I have the major forms in and now need to work on the details of the smaller forms.