Monday, February 20, 2017

Large Painting #4 - Day 3

Figures #4 -  Day 3 , Oil on Canvas, 72"x48" 2017. 
Third day, working with the dead palette again. Major focus was defining the second figure.

The central figure looks kind of stiff. Its some problem with the drawing of his legs.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Large Painting #4 - Day 2

Figures  #4 -  Day 2 , Oil on Canvas, 72"x48" 2017. 
Today I started the dead palette (yellow ocher, flesh ocher and cold black). I spent most of the day blocking in the space and the major figures.

The biggest change is to the second figure. I reshaped an earlier maquette into this pose and blocked it in the outline.  I am finding working this particular way that it is easy to lean on distortion and anger for an emotional response. Its really easy to tear apart of break the form. I wonder what is the extent of this emotional vocabulary.

Its starting to pull together.