Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vampire 08/24/12 - Eimhear

This was the second of the portraits from last night.

This is Eimhear the Malkavian Primogen of Honolulu

I really like how this came out. I have been recently really focused on realism in coloration that I forgot not only how good some expressive coloration looked, but how much fun it was.

I normally am against full frontal portraits. However, in this case I really thought it would add to the creepiness of the character. I really had fun with the blues and purples in the shadows.

Overall I am really happy with this drawing.  

"The task of the artist at any time
is uncompromisingly simple--
discover what has not yet been done,
and to do it."
Craig Raine

Vampire 08/24/12 - Emily

Last night my group of vampires got together and I did two good portraits.

The first of them has a story to it. Here is Emily. This is the second sitting for this player. The first time I drew her I was unhappy with how it came out; however that character also died the next game. I should also point out it was the player's choice to retire the character. 

She then created a Nosferatu. So I worked on top the previous drawing. I really like some of this drawing. I have to give Amelia props for her great makeup. It was a blast to draw her character.

 "I can't believe it!
Reading and
writing actually paid off."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oddfellow Watercolors

 I had a few watercolors from meetings.

Above is my dad, looking rather interested in the meeting. I am unsure if I like this painting of him. It has a pretty good likeness though his hair looks a little like a helmet.

 When there is degree work they dress in costume. One of the cooler of the regalia is this one that has a knight helmet thing. It was pretty fun to draw. I do like this watercolor, keeping the white robe crisp presented some problems.

Above is Cathy. This painting sadly has a poor likeness but there are so many great things about it I decided to put it up. I like how I rendered the dress and the pattern on the dress. The purse also looks pretty good.   

Chris's Birthday Party

So, last Month was Chris's Birthday. I agreed to do portraits of the guests during the party. I had such a blast at the party. I mean I got an excuse to draw all night and on the plus side ended up with some really nice drawings.

Above was the host of the event dressed in a gas mask. This was actually the last of the portraits I did that night. It came out pretty well.  I like the pose and the proportions of the body. I'm really happy with how much the torso pushes forward on the page.

Like many of the drawings here they are limited to just the subject and not much else. I really should have put more thought into the rest of the page. Everything is a learning opportunity.  

This is one of my favorite drawings of the night. I began drawing the face and ignoring the mask planning to go back and put in the mask details. However when I took a step back, I really liked how the blue undertone looked as the mask.    

During a lull someone recommend I draw two people. They were conversing during the pose and it was one of the first times I had two people actively sitting for me. There is a nice interaction between the two figures.   

This was another two sketches pair. I really had some difficulties on the figure on the left, but it ended up looking pretty good.

I did enjoy this sketch. The subjects hair was actually a very nice blue. I decided that the blue undertone was a great for the hair.

Overall I am pretty happy with these sketches.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oddfellows Watercolors

So because of my Father, I am a part of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. They have meeting twice a month and while they are enjoyable, my short attention span has me needing to do something with my hands during the meetings. I have drawn, done some great pen sketches in the past. I have recently gotten back into watercolors during these meetings.

Above is one of my favorite of the recent ones, Walter. He is in a wheelchair/scooter and his health has been declining in recent months. I really like how I rendered the wheelchair.

Above is Robbie one the the trustees in the regalia they sometimes don.  This is a pretty good quick sketch.

Above is one Melody. She actually came out to my show over at Ong King last month. She was really pleased with the painting. I started with the yellow watercolor pencils then went into color. This painting has a nice feel to it.