Monday, January 16, 2017

Class Finished Reconstructions

Our 2017 Forensic Sculpture class with their finished reconstructions. Thank you to the NYC Medical Examiner and instructor Joe Mullins.

Study for Large Painting 3 - Drawing 3

Study for Large Painting 3 - Drawing 3,  Oil Paint over Shellac and Ink, 18"x 24" 2017
This is the third of these drawings. I took a large couple chunks out of the sculpture, literally cutting out huge chunks at leaving the remains hanging from the armature.  I am really liking how the figure distorts and then seems to collapse.

I have to create a second figure and then add it to this scene.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Study for Large Painting 3 - Drawing 2

Study for Large Painting 3 -  Drawing 2, Oil Paint on Shellac and Ink, 18"x 24", 2017
So I worked with the same clay sculpture and did another drawing from a different angle.  I working on defining more of the sculpture I have two immediate thoughts.
  • I am going to need to add another figure to the mix 
  • I think the breaking down of the figure has to be more obvious.