Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Courageous Soul

Vanishing Boy, Ink on paper, 8" x 10"
"And moreover, to succeed, the artist must possess 
the courageous soul… the brave soul. 
The soul that dares and defies."
 ~ Kate Chopin

This was done at Kaneohe Bay Shopping Center Starbucks and it is one of a series that I did with FriXion ink, thermo-sensitive gel pens.

I initially liked the idea of working with erasable ink, using a ballpoint with clean lines and nice erasing. So I could create really strong lines AND be able to erase my mistakes.

I really loved the results of working with these pens. However, as I used them, I discovered some problems.

I started to notice that the pens were not working, because the ink was coming out but there was no pigmentation. Could it be that leaving the pens in my hot car was a bad idea?

I once tried to preserve a drawing done with this ink by laminating it, but it was a horrible idea. Once it ran through the hot laminator, the ink was totally gone.

I discovered that the thermal ink disappears with heat as well as friction. So this drawing has probably vanished like water vapor in the Hawaiian heat.

Thus, I no longer draw with FriXion ballpoint pens.

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