Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Mountain Book 1-6

So I really have been wanting to try my hands at some landscapes. I decided to warm up a little to this prospect with some starter sketches.I purchased a nice little watercolor book and headed up to Ho'omaluhia for a few hours on Sunday.

With my fountain pen loaded with ink and a bunch of watercolors, I ventured to paint the beautiful landscape of Windward Oahu. Virtually the backyard where I live.

Above isthe first landscape of the day. I really like how the red ink mixed with the watercolors making an earthy rust color as it mixed with the green and purple as it mixed with blue.

I look at the group of six and I enjoy the progression. They are getting less and less figurative and more and more abstract. This was a fun time for me.

 We have two views of the ridge line.I think I need to put more blue in future views.

 This is looking to the smaller tunnel of H-3 interstate from Ho'omaluhia.

 I tried to to do a view that was just the mountains and trees without the sky or the mountain ridge line. It is interesting to see it blown up to the size of a screen as the original is much smaller. I really like this one. 

On this last one I really wanted to get the purple mountains in the distance. I like some of the water bleeding in this one. I am unsure if this is looking quite the way I'd like.

I am going camping out at Hoomaluhia this weekend so I should have ample time to do a few more sketches. We can see what I produce this weekend.

"We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains." ~ Li Po

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