Thursday, December 6, 2012

IOOF - Jerri

There was an Odd Fellows meeting this Tuesday and I used it as an opportunity to give this painting out.  It is both good practice and great fun to do these drawings during the meetings.

Painting helps me to focus on what's going on and it gives pleasure to the people I paint. So it is win-win.

This painting is of Jerri. She is the wife of the current leader of the organization and head of the scholarship committee. This is a good likeness, although her face here is a little bigger then it should be. It is my bane, it seems, making the heads too big for the figures. I am getting better at it, though. Practice!

"There is a sort of mediated ecstasy that occurs 
when you actually do the 'work' of painting. 
That is to say, you can't have too much fun." 
~ Brett Busang

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