Friday, March 8, 2013

Peeling back the Layers - Day One and Day Two

Tina 03/04/2013
Kat 02/11/2013

So I have been debating doing this post for a while and am going to try and share my work method with you.

I'd like to explain and show what happens when I reuse pages and what I consider a final piece. They are kind of neat to look over and see what made the cut and what I scraped.

Above was the most recent of these pages. The left image was a page on February 11th. The image on the right was from March 4th. I really like the page on the right. I used thinner and removed most of the face on the central figure, that created the dark ashy tone on the upper part of the page.

I love how the earlier figures bleed into the final figures. I love the leg of the main figure; the different layers of the page are all visible and make it so interesting to look at.

Tina 02/18/2013
Karli 02/04/2013

The page on the left is of Karli on February 4th.  The page on the right is of Tina from the 18th of February.

The main figure image on the left, I was actually rather happy with on the night of sketching. I managed to do a lot of work for a ten minute pose. It also had a Gauguin feel.  In the end I didn't like the color and there were problems with the way I drew some of the details. I really didn't like the face.

I took thinner to the main figure and it created the rich dark tone in the center of the drawing. The tone is doing a great job setting off the burnt sienna color in the central image.

I am really happy with these pages and how they look. I will have to do more like them.

"Every creator painfully experiences the chasm 
between his inner vision and its ultimate expression." 
~ Isaac Bashevis Singer

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  1. Great Job! I actually can really feel your Gauguin feel in these. Love the colorchoice and shadowing.