Friday, June 14, 2013

HMoA Drawing Class 06/10/13 - Catelin

Catelin 6/10/13 Page One, Mixed Media on Paper, 18" x 24"

Monday drawing at the Honolulu Art Academy. I had a really good night. I managed to get a lot of really good pages done today. The model was Catelin. She is very pretty with an interesting face and deep, expressive eyes.

Above is the first set of drawings, the ten and the two fives.  I really like how this page looks. It may seem simple, but it is my favorite of the night, mostly due to the gestures on the right side of the page.

Catelin 6/10/13 Page Two, Mixed Media on Paper, 18" x 24"

This was the first of the 20-minute poses. I am really happy with how this came out despite some earlier frustration.  On an earlier drawing, I used actual blue pastel instead of just using the color of the page. So while working on this sketch, the blue pastel kept messing up the colors on how I was drawing her face, especially the highlight on her forehead.

The way I rendered her body looks good here, it is loose, but expressive, though I am little unhappy with how the hand came out. It resembles a claw, but it is on the side, unfocused.

Catelin 6/10/13 Page Three, Mixed Media on Paper, 18" x 24"

This was in the running for my favorite of the night. I really do like this set of drawings. Jared, the man who runs the drawing class, took a photo of this drawing for the class newsletter.

Catelin 6/10/13 Page Four, Mixed Media on Paper, 18" x 24"

This was the last pose of the night. I am rather unhappy with the drawing. Catelin was reclining in this pose and I decided to do a portrait. It looks a little off. It is especially frustrating because I am sure given enough time this would have worked. Alas, the problem of a 20-minute poses. 

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” 
~ Dr. Seuss

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