Saturday, September 14, 2013

HMoA 09/09/13 - Honey - Long Poses

Honey 09/09/13 - Page 03, Mixed Media on Paper, 18"x24"

I was having a kind of off night that Monday. I was really a little unhappy with some of my earlier drawings and knew I needed to put some extra time to complete them. After a couple extra hours, the resulting pages were very nice.

I think the one above is my favorite of the night. The contrast between the blue and the burnt umber is really nice on this page. I also like how the blue tone is coming through in the shadows and dark areas of the picture, creating a really nice effect.

I also had a great time with my paint scrapper on this picture. Some of the really nice crisp outlines were  created by me taking a plastic paint scrapper to the page and carving off sections of the oil pastel. I really love how durable this paper is.

Honey 09/09/13 - Page 02, Mixed Media on Paper, 18"x24"
This is a recycled page. I did like the earlier drawing, but knew I could do better.  I do love this page now.

I needed to tweak some of the proportions in this pose. The foreshortening of her legs and arms proved to be very challenging. There is a lot to like about this page now.

There is a neat mood to the drawing.

Honey 09/09/13 - Page 01, Mixed Media on Paper, 18"x24"
Above was the first long pose of the night. I am a little unhappy with it, mainly how incomplete it looks. There was some poor page planning on this one.

"Art is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite - getting something down." 
~ Julia Cameron

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