Friday, December 13, 2013

HMoA Figure Drawing - 12/08/13 - Shilo Short Poses

Shilo 12/08/13 Short 02, Ink on Paper 9"xn12"
Shilo was the model at the Honolulu Museum of Art's Figure Drawing Class this week. This was the second time she modeled for us and she again impressed with her muscular and toned body. She apparently is a yoga instructor. She again did a hand stand as one of her gesture poses. I was not very happy with the drawing, so I didn't post it.

Above is the 10-minute pose for the night. This is a really great quick sketch. I managed to render the forms very nicely and my solution to her very light blonde hair was to treat it as another tone and it worked in this particular sketch.

The two shapes on either side of her add a lot to the drawing. The green mass that is her robe lying on the chair and the blue mass that is her shadow against the wall both look really great in this drawing. There is a nice tension between the almost cut out shapes of the two masses and the detailed figure. Next time I should try something like this I should use watercolor or another wash to create the shape as I am liking the water marks in the green shape.

For the gestures I again used the the cerulean blue pen with a goldenrod for the highlights. I am satisfied with the results here.

Shilo 12/08/13 Gesture 01, Ink on Paper 9"x 12"
Gesture one is surprisingly good. Normally there is more of a warm up to these.

Shilo 12/08/13 Gesture 02, Ink on Paper 9"x 12"
I love the shadow behind her. If only drew the figure better.

Shilo 12/08/13 Gesture 03, Ink on Paper 9"x 12"

Shilo 12/08/13 Gesture 04, Ink on Paper 9"x12"
This is one of my favorites of the night. It is a great gesture; the figure seems to be mid-dance. The pen strokes and the wash have a beautiful speed to them. The wash behind her creates such a lovely shape. The goldenrod doesn't look patchy, as is sometimes the problem. I am really happy with this gesture.
Shilo 12/08/13 Gesture 05, Ink on Paper 9"x 12"
The wash went a little bad in this one. She looks almost monstrous in this drawing. Not my best. I do like how her should and legs look though

Shilo 12/08/13 Gesture 06, Ink on Paper 9"x 12"
I am pretty happy with this one, especially considering she is holding her hands above her head and I have been having so many problems fitting the whole figure on the page with those.
Shilo 12/08/13 Gesture 07, Ink on Paper 9"x 12"
This was the last gesture of the night. I did like this one.
Shilo 12/08/13 Short 01, Ink on Paper 9"x 12"
This was the first of the short poses for the week. There is a nice feel to this one.

I enjoyed my short poses much more then the long poses from the rest of the night. This was a pretty good night all in all though.

"Creativity is a quality that we give to every activity that we do."
~ Osho

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