Saturday, July 23, 2016

LCC Sun Drawing 07/16/16 - Jay

Jay 07/16/16 - Pose 01, 9"x 12", Watercolor on Paper
Heading from New York to Honolulu, I wanted to do more watercolor work. I was in a watercolor fit, working with my two favorite complementary color mixes -- purple and yellow. The dioxazine purple's exceptional depth creates pretty shadows and darkens the Naples opaque yellow in a nice way.

I was trying to make the contours work, making a strong silouhette. I made pools on the page which gives the edges a strong quality where the pigment collects. I was trying to use it carefully where it explains the form and lightens in the center.
Jay 07/16/16 - Pose 02, 9"x12", Watercolor on Paper

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