Sunday, February 12, 2017

Il Papa

Il Papa, 9"x12", watercolor on paper. 2017.
Got a commission from a friend to do a watercolor for his mother's birthday.  It is a pretty straight- forward picture of the pope. This was an easy commission, given my Catholic upbringing.

It's photo-based so there is not a lot to write about. I did make an active effort to make the pools of watercolor rhythm across the page. My illustrator skills are getting stronger.

I did get to see Pope Francis last year when he was in New York. I do like the general change of direction he represents. Plus, he's a Jesuit and St Francis is a great namesake AND the subject of an amazing Bellini painting.

“In the face of unjust and painful situations, 
faith brings us the light which scatters the darkness.”
Pope Francis

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