Sunday, March 27, 2011

A friend of mine, Hinano

"Two things make a story. The net and the air that falls through the net." ~ Pablo Neruda

This is a oil painting of a friend of mine, Hinano. She was modeling for the class and I really wanted to do a painting of her face. The panel is 2'x4' and honestly was different proportion then I was expecting to work with. I added the shoes at the bottom to add interest to the space. I really like the feel of this painting. The blue hue throughout gives a nice mood to the painting and creates a heightened contrast to the figure. I also like how the patterning of the couch came together. There was a lot of debate to the 'story' the painting is trying to tell. My favorite was the 'cheating wife story.' It goes like this, this woman is reclining in the chair as her husband arrives home. She just had a torrid affair with a man who is hiding in the closet. He managed to grab all his clothes but the pair of boots in the foreground.

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