Sunday, April 3, 2011

Danielle Listening to Her Playlist

"Music heard so deeply that it isn't heard at all, but you are the music while the music lasts." ~ T.S. Eliot

So in a grand romantic gesture, Danielle and I decided to make a mixed playlist for one another. I recommended this after seeing her collection of mixed CD's in her car. We both have similar music taste, so it seemed like a fun activity.

While she was listening to my playlist I did a quick sketch of her. I think this watercolor came out very nice. I went back to more classic techniques blocking in everything with a pencil instead of a watercolor pencil. In most every watercolor I've posted here, I started them with a Burnt Sienna watercolor pencil to block in everything. It leads to a rich color in the finished painting but sometimes it becomes a little dominate. I really am going to try and be more sparing in my initial drawings.

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