Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HMoA Drawing Class 07/23/12 - Katelyn

I went to the Figure Drawing Class at the Honolulu Art Academy, yesterday (7/23/12) 
Here are my drawings form the class. 

Above is my favorite of the 4. This is a 20 minute drawing, using oil Pastels on a toned background.
There is a great play between the oil pastel and the tone underneath in this drawing. I had multiple of the participant in the class comment on her stomach and how nice it looks with the wash's colors leaking underneath the drawing. It makes a great effect. 

 This is six gesture drawings with two 5 minute poses and one 10 minute pose on top. There is a neat energy to this picture although cropping out the two left figures...
Makes for a much better piece.
 This is 4 gesture drawings with a 20 minute drawing on top of it. There is a neat feel to this drawing.

This was the last pose of the night. I have been trying to challenge myself by taking seats where the model is very foreshortened. I could have worked on this drawing for hours. I guess it was a little ambitions for a 20 minute pose.

This life drawing class is on Monday at 7PM. It is located at the The Honolulu Museum of Art School, formerly the Academy Art Center at Linekona. There is a 10 dollar class fee. 

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