Monday, August 6, 2012

New Pen

So I just got a new fountain pen for my birthday, which is tomorrow by the way. I decided to try it out with a few drawings.

The Ink is 'Beaver' color from the Noodler ink company.

I'd also like a moment of silence for my previous fountain pen that died because of complications and clogged inner workings when I put unsafe ink inside.

My favorite of these drawings is above. I drew a guy typing on his laptop at a Starbucks. I'm really happy how clean it came out.  There is also a really good likeness to the guy.

I had a work meeting this weekend. So in normal fashion I took the opportunity to draw both at the meeting and on the bus ride to and from the location.  

This is Jon. He has worked with me a few times. He is a photographer in his spare time. I am a little unhappy with this drawing and I think I drew him a little wider then he actually is. It's one of those "looking back I see some problems."

 This woman was sitting in front of me at the meeting. She has been at the company awhile and I should really remember her name. She was wearing the coolest earrings.

This guy subbed with me on my case one day. I remember him because he cannot swim.
 So we're on Bus riding sketches. This woman was sitting next to what I assume was her husband. They looked like a cute Asian couple.
This was a interesting sketch. When I sat on the bus there was an old man with a long beard sitting in the front of the bus. I really wanted to draw him, mainly because of how interesting looking he was. He had his hand grasping the pole and that's where I started the drawing. I really wanted to capture the pose he was in.  On the next stop the woman came in and sat down. I was a little peeved because she was blocking my view. I debated about just drawing him and ignoring her from the drawing.
However it really didn't matter as the next stop was his. I managed to draw enough of his hand and arm to make is look correct. I ended up with an interesting layered drawing that I really couldn't have planned better.

I had a few minutes after the last drawing and started this sketch. His curly hair was a little fun to render.

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