Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chris's Birthday Party

So, last Month was Chris's Birthday. I agreed to do portraits of the guests during the party. I had such a blast at the party. I mean I got an excuse to draw all night and on the plus side ended up with some really nice drawings.

Above was the host of the event dressed in a gas mask. This was actually the last of the portraits I did that night. It came out pretty well.  I like the pose and the proportions of the body. I'm really happy with how much the torso pushes forward on the page.

Like many of the drawings here they are limited to just the subject and not much else. I really should have put more thought into the rest of the page. Everything is a learning opportunity.  

This is one of my favorite drawings of the night. I began drawing the face and ignoring the mask planning to go back and put in the mask details. However when I took a step back, I really liked how the blue undertone looked as the mask.    

During a lull someone recommend I draw two people. They were conversing during the pose and it was one of the first times I had two people actively sitting for me. There is a nice interaction between the two figures.   

This was another two sketches pair. I really had some difficulties on the figure on the left, but it ended up looking pretty good.

I did enjoy this sketch. The subjects hair was actually a very nice blue. I decided that the blue undertone was a great for the hair.

Overall I am pretty happy with these sketches.

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