Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oddfellows Watercolors

So because of my Father, I am a part of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. They have meeting twice a month and while they are enjoyable, my short attention span has me needing to do something with my hands during the meetings. I have drawn, done some great pen sketches in the past. I have recently gotten back into watercolors during these meetings.

Above is one of my favorite of the recent ones, Walter. He is in a wheelchair/scooter and his health has been declining in recent months. I really like how I rendered the wheelchair.

Above is Robbie one the the trustees in the regalia they sometimes don.  This is a pretty good quick sketch.

Above is one Melody. She actually came out to my show over at Ong King last month. She was really pleased with the painting. I started with the yellow watercolor pencils then went into color. This painting has a nice feel to it. 

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