Tuesday, August 7, 2012

HMoA Drawing Class 07/30/12 - Blithe

This is a poor week for my figure drawing class.

I was not very happy with the end products after this class. I blame it mostly on my lack of preparedness. I tried out a new set of oil pastels and bought a smaller then normal set. The color set lacked a middle dark and middle light tone. So to get the fleshy tone I had to mix my colors with white. It was a little more time consuming then I could handle in a 20 minute sketch.
Unhappy with my oil pastels I decided to do the last pose in watercolor. Not bad for my first 20 min figure watercolor.

This life drawing class is on Monday at 7PM. It is located at the The Honolulu Museum of Art School, formerly the Academy Art Center at Linekona. There is a 10 dollar class fee. 

"Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity."
 ~ Chuck Jones

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