Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Mountian Book 19-24

So, almost done with this sketch book, my friend and source of creativity. Will be sad to say goodbye, yet excited to start a new book. 

Here are five more of my drawings.

The above view is from Kailua High School on the Windward side of Oahu where I work. I had some time in the morning while waiting for one of my students to arrive.

The next few are from a hike I did up Ka'au Crater. 

I decided to try one of these in black ink instead of the red. It has a really cool, color-wise that is, look. I am unsure if I like the landscapes with the black pen in them.

This is a view of Olomana from the overlook. It's unusual for me to look at the peak from that side. 

 I like how the clouds came out on this one.

This one above is looking at the ridge line on the Koolau Mountains from the top of the hike. I had a little difficulty with the red ink in this one, though the effect it creates is kind of growing on me.

This last one is the ridges leading up to the Koolau Mountains on our descent down the trail. I like how I'm using yellow in these last couple sketches.  I may do a few more like this with the remaining pages.

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