Friday, October 26, 2012

Forms in the Ink II

I like this print so much I decided to make a series of them. I had the prints completed a few weeks ago and now begin the process of working back into them to add the extra layers of details.

There are three points to this print series:
  1. The original print had a mistake that created a neat effect. There was some water on the plate before the print was pressed. So all the prints have some water placed strategically on the plate before they were pressed.
  2. There is the juxtaposition of the of watercolor and the Monotype.  The blended watercolor contrasts so nicely with the sharpness of the Monotype print.
  3. I also want to keep the prints free of figurative shapes. I want to play with the edges of the print and create new shapes with the colored pencils.
This Print started with the red circle. It looks like an abstracted rose or swirling whirlpool. I then worked on the shape on the left. I like how the off white pencil plays with the ink.There is a nice flow to this print. This should be a fun series.

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