Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rosemarie - October 2012

So this is my direct supervisor in the community, Rosemarie.

This is the second portrait I did of her. The first was not my best work by a lot. This one has more of a likeness, though I'm a little unhappy with how heavy handed with the Burnt Sienna I was.

There is a cute story with this portrait. So after completing it I showed it to a a regular at the Wings Group, Scott.

Scott is on the autism spectrum and when I asked, "Who does this look like?"

He paused for a moment and said. "I don't know, but it almost looks like you, Mrs Rosemarie."

I reacted like I was happy that he recognized the picture, it was an affirmation of my talent as an Artist.

Without missing a beat Scott said strongly,"I said ALMOST."

My heart sank. ASD makes tough art Critics.

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