Monday, November 5, 2012

Student Drawings - III

So this is a quick sketch of one of the kids in my class. Notably I have drawn him before I have even painted him.

He loves drawing and especially loves comic book heroes. I even drew in his yearbook last year.  He loves art and I have done portraits of him a few times.

This is the first of the sketches of him to make it on my site.

When I did this set of sketches. There was one of him in there too. However I didn't get a chance to photograph it.

That was because the moment I finished it he took it and put it in his folder. I then got busy, as is likely to happen.  Before I knew it, the drawing was at his house. I had no photograph.

His mom loved it though; so I couldn't bare the, "Can you have it brought back so I can photograph it?" talk.

I decided instead to draw a new one and photograph it before I let it out of my sight.

He loves this drawing too. I may have just reinforced some bad behavior...

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