Monday, November 26, 2012

Woman Leaning Against a Stool

So looking through old sketchbooks I came across this drawing and was very happy with it.

Why was I pouring though old sketchbooks... well the holidays are upon us and time is becoming a premium. I do have several pieces in the works; Most obvious, a few more 2012 Koolau Watercolors but I tend to want a few days time between posts of the same series to prevent clumps on the blog.

Yesterday I looked through some old sketch pads and found this drawing that amazed me, looking back at it. This was at the Windward Community College Figure Drawing class, so this was a 25 minute pose. I was really impressed with the amount of work I was able to get done in that time. 

There is a mood created by this drawing that I really like.  I haven't done work in Conte for a while. I may have to return to it. 

Enjoy this piece and Happy holidays.

The WCC figure drawing class is on Fridays at Windward Community College at 930 AM in Hale Palanakila. There is a 5 dollar class fee.

   "The quality of the paintings speak louder than the words about them or their creator." 
~ Jane Champagne

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