Friday, January 11, 2013

HMoA Figure Drawing - 01-07-13 - Sergio

So here are my drawings from the Honolulu Art Academy Figure Drawing class from this past Monday.  The model was Sergio, he is a lot of fun to draw. I was really happy with all the pages from that day.

Above is my favorite drawing of the night. It is an odd pose to say the least. It looked like a crucifixion or maybe a St. Sebastian. I couldn't believe he was going to keep that pose and it looked painful to hold. This was the last pose of the night.

The chiaroscuro of the piece is nice. The lines of the gesture drawings also are working really well. I managed to capture a lot of movement in this piece. 

This page is two 2 minute gestures, two 5 minute poses and a ten minute pose. This is a good page. I really like the ten minute pose on the right of the page. There is a good movement to the pose and I like the color I used. The blue is really jumping nicely in the legs.

Above is the first of the 20 minute poses with three 2 minute poses behind it. Sergio was resting his head on his shoulder and I decided to completely ignore it. There is always the problem in 20 minute poses between doing a good portrait or getting a good figure. I focuses on the figure in this one.

Above is two 2 minute gestures and a 20 minute pose. The gesture on the left is amazing I think drawing on the right was pretty good.

I was really good at capturing movement that night. There is such a flow to the ink and the oil pastel. All the drawings look really spontaneous.

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