Thursday, January 10, 2013

UH Figure Drawing 01-06-13 Carli

Sunday was the first University of Hawaii figure drawing class of the year. The model was Carli; she was very good.

I was having a rough time that morning. I really didn't like most of these drawings, but during the last pose, I drew this one. It does look really good so it kind of saved my trip.

The hands are a little off, but there is a really good feeling to this sketch. I like the cool shadow on her stomach.

So this next group of drawings I'm not all that happy with. Most of them I feel are missing-- something perhaps I will rework them in the future.  

"Above all, an artist must never be too easily satisfied with what he has done." 
~ Henri Matisse


  1. Pardon my lack of proper art terms, I thought I'd offer some feedback (well, more of what I think works for me, and what doesn't. I tried to be as honest as possible, so I hope that's ok). - Overall, I liked your paintings. The last pose you drew (the first picture on top) - i think you really captured the model. The lighting and use of shadows is good, the colors contrast well, as you said, the cool shadow on her stomach, it really works with the pinks in the background, and the yellow skin tones. It's as if you really took your time to capture her with this one.

    The next one feel a bit rushed, the shadows don't seem as well defined, there are less 'contours'? In comparison to your other work, it seems a little more two dimensional. I really like the parts in blue on the left hand side for some reason.

    The third picture has an interesting facing and pose, but for some reason I'm not crazy about her shoulder. I do like her stomach and the way you show her elbow and wrists.

    The fourth picture, I like how you captured her pose and your use of shadowing, the ink next to her head is a little distracting, as is the missing hand, but i really like the main figure.

    The fifth picture, i like her head, hair, and how i just see a hint of an ear. I'm not sure how I feel about her foot, but the ink sketches on the side are insteresting. I like how the yellows and blues work together.

  2. Thank you for the comment.

    I think I was just in a mood about these.

    I have started re-working pages with a solvent and it has been creating interesting pages. I have one from yesterday that is looking good. There is class today, I will see what i can do.

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