Thursday, January 3, 2013

Personal Best: My Favorite Drawings of 2012

So I started drawing at the local vampire game and was very happy with the results. Above is of Heath, portraying the Prince in the city. I have one in the works of his wife Shannon and myself.

I for some reason really liked the idea of doing large scale drawings with a G2 pen.  Thinking back on it seems really confusing to me. I think I wanted to work with pen and had not yet bought my new fountain pens, I also did smaller drawings with the G2 pens and like how they came out.

I was planning on the drawings to be reminiscent of Piero Della Francesca's  Duke and Duchess of Urbino. So when I finish Shannon's picture they can face each other.

There are a lot of neat things going on in this drawing. I really like the details of the hat especially how it looks at it's going into the shadowed section.

Above is a drawing of one the students I work with. It came out so good. It's hard to not talk about him.

There is a lot to like about this drawing. I think the line quality and the variation of the lines are very dynamic. The composition on the page is interesting and seems very complete.

I really hope his father, a University of Hawaii at Manoa printmaking graduate, uses the drawing for a screen print. Then there will be T-shirts of this image. 

Above is a drawing of Marianne Cope I did as part of a ongoing Saint Icon series.

I really like this drawing and accomplished  a lot of things I thought. I wanted an image of her older then the images I saw being used. She did most of her note worthy work when she was older and it seemed to me disingenuous to depict her as a young fresh faced nun. So I used a lot of images to piece this image together. 

Above is another drawing from the vampire game. This is of Lauren.

There is a great mood to this drawing. She reminds me of Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I like the blue shadow under her chin. I also like the violet in her face and forehead. There is a melancholy to the portrait that is really a treat to look at.

So it seems drawing at the Masquerade Games was really productive. I may have to roll another character that draws simply to get good sketches of people in costume.     

I really like this sketch. It may just be random lady I drew at a work meeting but I really like how this drawing came out.

I like how I rendered her blouse. The crosshatching is really illustrating the curves well. I also like the different quality lines  throughout the sketch. The line variation is doing a lot to define her form.

"Every mark matters." 
~ Jo Petty

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