Friday, January 4, 2013

Personal Best: My Favorite Monotypes of 2012

So in this set, I will talk about my favorite Monotype Prints of 2012. Monotype Prints are a process where ink is put on a solid surface then paper is pressed on to it. I like monotyping because it provides a quick and intense piece. With this printing style, the ink appears to sit on the page. I like playing with this effect and often will go back into the monotypes, adding ink and colored pencil to the print.

Above is Darkness Monotype #1. It is part of a series that showed at Ong King Gallery in Honolulu during the month of July. I started with an ink drawing of a deep sea jellyfish. I then added the print of extensions of its tentacles. I then used a colored pencil to connect the print and the ink image. 

I find the play of the tentacles in this piece very interesting to look at. It amazes me how well some of the ink images and also like the effect the water on the plate created on this, distorting the ink and creating pooled ripples in the ink. I started to play with the water on the plate effect later, especially in the next series.

Above is Forms in the Ink II. This series was five prints where I made abstract shapes then reworked the print with colored pencils. Of the five this is my favorite.

I do like the central red shape in this. It looks like a rose or a spiral galaxy. I like the play between the definition of the shapes in the spiral and the lack of focus in the rest of the print. Its almost like a vortex pulling the focus and attention there. 

Above is a portrait of Chris Martin It is part of the series of prints I did of my D and D group.

Chris is always in black so I wanted a black on black design for the stuff I reworked in the print. There is a spiderweb design on his shirt and the shape is echoed in the corner of the page.

I do think there is a pretty good likeness, although I think I made him look a little older then he actually looks. It is the first time I drew Chris in a while and it is a great print. 

Above is Darkness monotype number 9. I think of the series, this is my favorite of the prints. Although I have not heard that echoed by many people viewing the pieces.

I think I like it because of the rhythm created between the ink drawing and the monotype and the drawing in watercolor. There is a similarity in shapes between the seaweed that looks like an angry Audry II  and the extension of those shapes created by the monotype. It is then echoed again in the anatomical drawing of the muscles in the hand.

I also like the areas I reworked in the light colored pencils that bring the shapes of the original drawing back into prominence above the monotype. Again showing the play between the borders and shapes,.

Above is a really close for my favorite print of the year. It is of my friend Marc with a bear on his head.  It was part of my Friend 2012 Monotypes.

There are so many things I like about it. The likeness is there as well as the overall feel of the print. I smile whenever I look at this print.

Looking through my Monotypes, I'm a little unhappy with the number of prints I did. I really want to make an effort to do more of these in the up coming year.

"Hard work often leads to success. No work seldom does."
 ~ Harvey Mackay

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