Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HMoA Drawing Class 02-11-13 - Kat

Kat was the model this week at the Honolulu Art Academy.

I had a rather spotty day. I am a little unhappy with the pages that I did that night. Above is my favorite. There is a neat, I'm gonna call it "painterly" vibe to the above drawing. I liked how I used the pastel to define the shapes more then the details of things. There is also a pretty nice likeness-- that is always a plus.
I am debating using the purple ink as a backing for things. It does look nice but it does some wierd things with the oil pastel. In some cases I really like what it does in others I really hate it. I chose the color because I had such success with the blue ink and wanted to find other cool colors to dye the paper with.  

This is my other favorite of the night. I am really surprised how much I like this drawing.

This is a page I use for about 10 drawings, over three weeks. If I was unhappy with the ending page, I'd scrape the oil pastel off the page or douse it in thinner. Hoping for something better on the next go around.

I really like how this one came out. As I was drawing it, I was making a real mess of things. My hands were covered in blue-black filth. I'm really liking the areas in her body that the blue is coming through.  

Overall there is a really nice mood to the drawing. I'm not sure what it's coming from. I will have to look at this drawing a little more.

I am not really that happy with the two drawings above. Not my best work. I really messed up Kat's face in them.

This life drawing class is on Monday at 7PM. It is located at the The Honolulu Museum of Art School, formerly the Academy Art Center at Linekona. There is a $10 class fee.

"Bad is called good when worse happens."
~ American Proverb

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