Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UH Figure Drawing - 03/17/13 - Capri

I was feeling antsy this Sunday and decided to go to the University of Hawaii figure drawing workshop.The model was a girl named Capri. She had a beautiful set of tattoos on her back and chest. Alas, they were too ornate for a 20 minute drawing to capture.

Above is my favorite sketch of the morning. I probably will have to put a little more work into it. The picture is reading well. I think I can punch the highlights up a little more.

Above is the first set of poses. I will take thinner to some of the places and see what I can do with the page. It's starting to have a really nice character to it.

This pose came out nicely. I do like how I rendered the foot and the body. I was standing at an easel that morning, so I like how I captured the perspective of looking down at the model on the floor.

This was the last pose of the morning and again I like it, but not in love with it. I drew the model well and I like some of the things about the page, but it just seems a little empty. Perhaps I'm just really liking the pages with multiple poses on them.

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