Monday, April 1, 2013

Zwick Studio - 03/30/13 - Betsy

It is a new session at the Zwick Studios. Our very talented leader, Billy, has gone above and beyond trying to make the pose more interesting with a still life behind the model.

The model is Betsy. I actually know her from the show I had last year at Ong King. She was one of the other artists who contributed to the show.

During the three- hour class, I worked on the umber sketch for the new canvas and did a sketch in oil pastel. I felt like I managed to accomplish a lot in the time frame.

The point of the above sketch was to try and work out how to define her hair. Betsy's hair has an always wet look as well as prominent bangs, both things are a little tricky to render.     

This is the start of the oil painting. I wanted to fit the whole pose into the canvas. I think I could make the figure larger. I will have to think on this for a little bit.

"There's nothing like a debate to teach one quickness. I often wish I had gone in for them when I was a youngster. It would have helped me no end." ~ E. M. Forster

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