Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Candy's Drawing Spectacular 05/26/13

Candy, one of the regulars of the drawing classes I attend, invited me to a drawing event she does a few time a year. She calls is a marathon drawing session, but in honor of her I will call it "Candy's Drawing Spectacular."

The session ran for 6 hours. There were 6 different models each posing for 50 minutes. The pose time varied from 2-10 minutes. The pace was exhilarating and the time flew by-- it was a great time. There also were no set pose order. Candy would set the times, depending on the model and the pose, and if anyone needed more time with a pose they could shout out for an extension.

Overall I was really happy with the day. The pose are short so it took me a while to get into the groove of the session. I am normally really bad at the short poses, at least with oil pastel. I may next time just use pen or charcoal for this session.

There are four drawing pages here from hour 2 to hour 5.   I didn't include page 1 from this session because I was really unhappy with it.

Above was my favorite of the session; this is hour 5, the last one I drew (I had to leave early to get to a wedding). The model was Honey who posed for a long painting session at Zwick Studio. I really started to like the later sessions. I was getting used to what I could draw in the pose times and getting better at building pages out of the various poses. All really helpful skills.

This is the first time I drew this model. His name is Keith and  he has the most unusual tattoo over his left eye. It is of a square with a concentric circle in it. I have heard from others that he used to be a regular model, but an injury had kept him from working recently. 

I do like this page. This is an example of me not realizing how quick the sessions were as I clumped the poses expecting to have to fit more poses in. I was having fun with outlines in this page. 

Above is Karli I have drawn her before at the University of Hawaii and the Honolulu Art Museum sessions. The pose on the bottom of the page was one of my favorites of the morning. Although I am unsure how much I like it now that I have had a second look at it.

Above is another model named Harold. This was the first time I drew him and was a little unready for what he did. He is an Leeward Community College Drama dance student making the transition to the University of Hawaii. His dramatic side showed when he took poses. He was really expressive with his face and his gestures. He was really great for this type of drawing session.

It was a challenge to try and capture his mood in the short time period. I think the page looks pretty good.

"Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything; 
you are you and that is the beginning and the end - 
no apologies, no regrets." 
~ Clark Moustakas

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