Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ko'olau Mountains from Kaʻaʻawa

Ko'olau Mountains from Ka'a'awa, Ink on Paper, 11" x 14"

So at the request of a friend, I found myself in Kaʻaʻawa  He was photographing a wedding and needed some help. The weather was not agreeing with us, I had some down time, so I drew the Ko'olau Mountains.

On the windward side of Oahu, you can always draw the Ko'olau Mountains.

I used my fountain pens and am really happy with how the above drawing came out. The ridges of the Ko'olau Mountains are really a lot of fun to draw. It was also a challenge to try and render them with just the two colors in ink.

I really like how I rendered the palm trees and the one "fake" palm tree, otherwise known as a civil defense warning siren.

I even got a quick sketch of the wedding party...

Wedding Party, Ink on Paper, 11" x `14"

“Patience, grasshopper," said Maia. "Good things come to those who wait."
"I always thought that was 'Good things come to those who do the wave,'" said Simon. 
"No wonder I've been so confused all my life.” 
~ Cassandra Clare, City of Glass


  1. Very creative work, Primal Marks! It was definitely a great feeling to see these pieces of work.

  2. I've go to say, Richard. It was definitely good times to have you with me during that destination wedding. The photos turned out great. And your sketches are a reflection of hardwork and dedication. Happy Holidays from JPittsProductions ♦ 2014 http://jpittsproductions.wordpress.com