Friday, May 3, 2013

HMoA Figure Drawing - 04/29/13 - Blithe

Monday was figure Drawing at the Honolulu Art Academy. I had a really good night. I am really happy with the results of the evening.

I have been making a pointed effort to reuse page I am unhappy with. I really like the layered effect it gives the final pieces. I am also struck by how durable the mixed media paper is; I have taken a plastic paint scraper to it without damaging the paper.

Above is my favorite of the night. It was over a page of Kat I did last year. I used bright colors in the initial drawings and I really like how they bleed through on this page. I also love the frantic mark making-- it creates a movement to the page that is really dynamic.

The figure in the middle is a 5-minute pose and I love how it came out.

The chalky white color is doing a great job create a rhythm to the page. I find it makes my eye pounce from figure to figure, while drawing attention to highlighted areas. 

Above is the first 20 minute pose of the night. I do love this drawing as well. It was really a toss up between this and the first one for my favorite.

This page is simpler, but I love how I rendered some of the details. The portrait is really nice.

This was the last pose of the night I am unsure if I like it or not.

"Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart." 
~ Mencius (Meng-Tse)

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