Monday, May 6, 2013

Zwick Studio 05/04/13 - Kat

It was already a hectic day that Saturday morning.

This was to be the last week with Betsy as the model and I had a mandatory work meeting to attend from 10-2 which eclipses the studio session. I was in a bind. I need more time with the pose to finish the painting but real life was colliding making it impossible.

I was resolved to complete the painting. I talked to work and agreed to go to another meeting all day next week Saturday in exchange for being able to go to the painting class that morning. I knew I had to do a lot to the background of the painting so I was up late prepping the painting of Betsy for the morning session.

I come into the studio and learn Betsy called in sick.

Not only had Betsy called in sick, but because these multi-week model session requires some major planning, there is already another model planned for next week to start a new session.  So there can be no make up session. So I will be unable to complete the painting of her I started.

As an added nail, I still have to go to an all day meeting next week.

Kat was modeling that day; she is always fun to draw. I haven't used my fountain pens in a while, so I decided to draw with them that morning.

Above is my favorite drawing of the morning. It is actually a pretty good likeness of Kat. I also love how I rendered the planes of her stomach and torso.

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