Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kayla on her Phone

Kayla on Her Phone, Oil Pastels on Paper, 18' x 24"

Let me start by saying two things-- I am really happy with this drawing and I know it needs a bit more work.

So I have been trying to draw portraits of my family members.  Late last night I got my younger sister to sit for me. Her one rule was that I had to let her read a book while posing. She choose to use the Kindle application on her phone. I think it makes for an interesting portrait.

As I was blocking out the drawing, I was just going to make it bigger and include less of the chair,  but as I blocked it out I really liked how the chair and the shadows beneath her looked. It really is ironic that that's exactly where I need to put more time into, the bottom of the page.

My sister adopted the cross legged pose that my mother uses when she writes or works on the computer. As mom often says, "There's no getting around genetics."

I am really happy with this one.

"Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life."
~ Henry Miller

With Kayla

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