Friday, June 28, 2013

Ko`olau from Kailua

 Ko`olau from Kailua, Acrylic mural, 110" x 40"

This trip to Asheville has been many things: a vacation, an opportunity to see and spend time with my sister and mom, but I also got to work on some long overdue projects. My mom has always wanted me to do a mural for her at her home in Asheville.  I took this trip as the opportunity to do it.

This mural is of the Ko`olau Mountains in front of my grandparents' home; the view is coming from Kailua on  H3. I make this drive every day from work. When we were planning the mural, mom said that she always remembers catching her breath when she sees the Ko`olau Mountains from this vantage point. She said, "To me it whispers, 'almost home.'"

Because it wraps around two walls, I used an effect to merge the two sides for these two blog entry photos. But you get the idea. I really am happy with the way this came out.

"The painting has a life of its own."
~ Jackson Pollock

Ko`olau from Kailua, Acrylic Mural, 40" x 110"

Photographing both panels for blog...

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