Saturday, November 23, 2013

HMoA Figure Drawing 11/18/13 - Victoria - Long Poses

Victoria 11/18/13 - Pose 1, Ink on Paper,  9"x 12"
So I was trying something a little different with these poses. In the above drawing, I started in a light pink ink. This means I could obfuscate the planning lines a little easier. So the drawing looks much cleaner then I am used to.

I am not sure if I like it or not

I do like well-defined shapes and all, but I really like to see the brushstrokes/lines in drawings. It is a physical marker of the draftsmen. Or that's why I like it in my drawings.

However, the really clean shapes have something really appealing to them. There is a static finished nature that I like as well. I will have to try this kind of drawing a few more times to see what it think of it.

Victoria 11/18/13 - Pose 2, Ink on Paper,  9"x 12"
This is another drawing I am on the fence with. My initial effort was to use the blue in the shadows of the drawing. I am a little unhappy with the blue. It looks a little odd. However I made a really cool discovery with the blue and the pink in the shadow under her arm. It creates such a nice purple and makes for a really great reflected light.

Victoria 11/18/13 - Pose 3, Ink on Paper,  9"x 12"
This was the last pose of the night.  It was a foreshortened reclining pose; I am really happy with how this came out. Again I did the initial drawing in a light pink so a lot of the planning lines are not visible.

I think the red shadows add a lot to the figure.

I should rework this page a little bit more. I think I could make something really neat out of it.

"I do not judge, I only chronicle." 
~ John Singer Sargent

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