Friday, December 6, 2013

HMoA Figure Drawing 12/02/13 - Kat - Short Poses

Kat - 12/02/13 - Gesture 03, Ink on Paper, 9"x12"defined egdes and implied edges
Kat was the model at the Honolulu Museum of Art this Monday and as always she was a blast to draw.

This particular session I was on fire.  I had so many sketches that I liked it was difficult to pick on for the top of the page. Above is the third gesture of the night and I am very happy with how this drawing came out.  I am probably going to use it for a larger painting.

There are so many good things about this page. I like the two purples and how they play off one another in this pose. The pose is dynamic and the shadow behind her adds a lot to the drawing. The figure is pretty well rendered and I like the play between defined edges and implied edges: the left leg is created by a quick outline while the right leg is created by a wash and the gentle outline of the shadow form.

The two purples are actually because the deep purple pen was running low on ink last week and I looked for a replacement color and found a mauve colored pen at Fisher's this weekend.  I am happy with the new color as well as the play between the two colors.   

Below at the rest of the gestures of the night.

Kat - 12/02/13 - Gesture 02, Ink on Paper, 9"x 12"

Kat - 12/02/13 - Gesture 04, Ink on Paper, 9"x12"
I really like this gesture too. I think I'm drawn to the two shades of purple. It's creating a neat effect with the cool and warm purple.

Kat - 12/02/13 - Gesture 05, Ink on Paper, 9"x12"

Kat - 12/02/13 - Gesture 06, Ink on Paper, 9"x 12"

Kat - 12/02/13 - Gesture 07, Ink on Paper, 9"x 12"
This is another nice gesture. These are becoming a blast to do.

Kat - 12/02/13 - Short 01, Ink on Paper, 9"x12"
This is the first of the five-minute poses.

The play between the two complimentary colors is amazing in this one. The purple shadow and yellow skin tones are playing off each other very nicely in this sketch.

Kat - 12/02/13 - Short 02, Ink on Paper, 9"x12"
This is the second of the five-minute poses. I think I spent a disproportionate amount of time on the face and it kind of shows in this drawing. The figure has a nice movement to it. The contra-position of the figure is capture nicely.

Kat - 12/02/13 - Short 03, Ink on Paper, 9"x12"
This was the 10-minute pose for the night. It is an interesting drawing. It has an interesting in-flux look to it. It has pockets of definition that make for a dynamic sketch.

It was a close to being my favorite of the night but I do really like the top gesture.  

"A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament." 
~ Oscar Wilde

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