Thursday, February 25, 2016

Anatomy Drawing #2 - Devin Week 1 - 02/18/2016

Melvin Day 1 of 4, 20"x30", Graphite and Shellac on Paper, 2016  

We are starting a new pose this week in the Anatomical Drawing class.

I got new paper with a better tooth for this drawing and it made a very big difference

I also toned the paper with Shellac. I bought the Shellac for painting and Amaya said it may be too potent for drawings. As I began to draw with it, I instantly understood what she meant. In the shaded a part of the leg, the shellac is keeping the graphite from being easily accepted by the paper.

The Drawing process is very Bargue Method I did manage to get a lot done in this class period. I completed the contour drawing and began to block in the shadow shapes.

This drawing is going pretty well.   

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