Thursday, March 3, 2016

Anatomy Drawing #2 - Devin Week 2 - 02/25/2016

Melvin Day 2 of 4, 20"x30", Graphite and Shellac on Paper, 2016
Day 2 of the drawing.

Got a lot blocked in today. I worked on the model breaks to add the background of the drawing.  I think the semi organic shape of the cloth pinned in the background adds a lot to the drawing.  I really want to give more space for the model to exist in.

I worked today mainly on the half-tones of the drawing.  Half tones are all the areas of tone between the highlights and the shadow shapes. That is probably what I am going to be working on for the remaining 2 days.

I also added the highlights with white chalk to key the lightest light parts of the drawing.  This method of drawing operates on the fact that marks are relative to there surroundings. So having a representation of the lightest lights of the figure allows you to gauge them and adjust them slowly.

These classes zip by when im in them. I feel like the 6 hours of drawing evaporates like it was nothing. I'm sure that's not the case for the model.  

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