Thursday, January 12, 2017

Forensic Sculpture 2017 - Day 4

Forensic Sculpture 2017 - Day 4
Day 4 is always the magic day where there is the likeness of a person gazing back at you. The main parts were adding the mouth and the rest of the tissue for the lower jaw, then working on the hair.

I ended really late today, after 9pm. I lost track of time and there was a lot that had to be done.

The first job was adding the mouth to the sculpture. The inside of the iris is the general marker for the ending of the mouth's structure. The lip size is then determined by the size of the front teeth's enamel. We then placed them with a toothpick and smoothed them to the rest of the face.

With the lips complete, we then worked on the rest of the tissue depth markers.

Next, we added ears to the sculpture. I did not have enough time to carve them nicely so they were just blocked in for a while.

I filled in the markers roughly, then distinguished the parts of the face I learned from Che's Ecroche Class (Mouth Muzzle and rest of the face). I also started to add the hair. 

When working on the hair, I realized my first pass was not nearly enough, so I added a lot more. It was also getting late and so I stopped for the day.

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