Friday, November 23, 2012

2012 Koolau - Three Ridges

So this installment of the 2012 Koolau book comes from my drives home on Kamehameha Highway. As I'm driving home in the late afternoon, the sky is white with the perpetual cloud-cover of the Windward side of the island. There is a great view of three ridges of the Koolau Mountains, silhouetted against the hazy sky and against each other.  

I had to make a detour one afternoon and drew these ridges as the sun was setting.

The first ridge has the small tunnel of the H3 interstate going through it. I debated whether or not to include it. I decided against it because the painting looked so good without it.

In this painting, the clouds go a little thinner as the sun began to vanish. This painting lost a lot of the details captured in the first one. I still like the silhouettes.

"What is magic? In the deepest sense, magic is an experience. 
It's the experience of finding oneself alive within a world 
that is itself alive. It is the experience of contact and communication 
between oneself and something that is profoundly different 
from oneself: a swallow, a frog, a spider weaving its web."
 ~ David Abram

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